Giulietta Octavio, L.Ac., M.S., CMT

Her Mission:
When you're ready for insightful and compassionate care, Giulietta is there. Life is full of change. Each transition is a chance to grow and finesse or devolve and cause harm. Wouldn't you love a highly-trained, heartfelt advisor on your life's journey? Everyone deserves this kind of support. When you are ready, Giulietta can be your guide.

Her Training:
Giulietta is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Massage Therapist. She completed her certification in Deep Tissue, Sports and Cranio-sacral Massage Therapy and Health Education in 1992. She has a BA in Movement Art from New College of California (1996) and a MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2002).

Her Experience: 1992- Today
Giulietta's teaching experience includes instructor of Human Anatomy in the Laboratory at San Francisco State University, Assistant Teacher of TCM Gynecology at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Instructor of Ethical Business for Holistic Health-Care at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has given periodic health talks for the Institute of Holistic Health Studies at SFSU. She has worked with children doing Art & Dance Therapy, and as a volunteer Occupational Therapy Aid at San Francisco General Hospital. Giulietta's clinical experience includes working at Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, Bartlett Falls Chiropractic, Osento, Chinese Medicine Works, and in her own clinic, Integral Body.

Her Focus in Healing:
Giulietta specializes in Women's Health, especially Fertility, Prenatal and Postpartum concerns, and has received in-depth additional training with Raven Lang, Miki Shima, Lifang Liang, Jeffrey Yuen, Richard Tan, Julia Ross, ABORM, and others. In addition to Women's Health, Giulietta works with pain, stress, and other Internal Medicine concerns. She is passionate about relieving suffering and growing joy. She believes everyone has a right to be healthy and well. She believes that good health begins with the basics; good food, clean air and water, self-respect, and compassion. Her work is informed by a personal love of dance, yoga, cycling, surfing, and being in nature. She holds a deep regard for the therapeutic process in achieving physical, mental and community health. She is passionate about celebrating and empowering the feminine.
Giulietta and Integral Body:
Giulietta Octavio created Integral Body in 1992 to be a community-centered practice specializing in services that promote optimal health and well-being. These services include acupuncture, deep tissue, sports, and cranio-sacral massage, tui na, shiatsu, chi nei tsang, cupping, moxa, energy medicine, traditional chinese medicine (TCM), and nutritional counseling. She has created a healing center that includes many dynamic and talented practitioners. Integral Body is here to assist you to create the health and life you need and desire. 

Giulietta Octavio, Owner and TCM Practitioner, LAc, MS, CMT
Integral Body Acupuncture
3150 18th St., at Folsom St.

San Francisco, CA 94110
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