Carole Renselaer Moore, LMT

Birth is an amazing and awe-inspiring transformation that includes great joy, aches and pains, swollen feet, stress, and sleeplessness, juggling older children, and houseguests. I support women and families throughout the process, including prenatal and postpartum massage, caesarian recovery, and homebirth recuperation, massage for tired spouses/partners, and helpful (or not so helpful) family and friends.   

A deeply kinesthetic person, I’ve been a massage therapist since 1992, integrating structural/deep tissue work with intuitive active release. I also work with a hugely varied population:  women and men at all points in the fertility/birth continuum, competitive athletes, people seeking injury rehabilitation and preventive strategies for avoiding future injury, older people wanting to stay flexible and strong, and those seeking relaxation and renewal. My clients come to me for deep work, intense focus, and real-world ways to solve ongoing aches, knots, and pains.

Formerly an instructor at the National Holistic Institute, I’ve taught more than twenty different modalities of massage. I also bring a lifelong love of dance, rock-climbing, and joyous physicality to my work.

My partner and I welcomed our son Rowan in 2003 via midwife-assisted homebirth, and support women’s empowered choices around birth, whatever they may be.

Carole Renselaer Moore, LMT
Prenatal massage therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Release