Birth Doulas


Shannon Padlog

Shannon's passion for birth actually began the day she was born. It was Thanksgiving Day, the whole family was waiting downstairs in her grandmother’s home, while her mom labored upstairs, assisted by two wonderful midwives, her two best friends, and her sister. Shannon was born peacefully right before it was time for dinner. This story of her own entry into the world sparked a lifelong curiosity and passion for childbirth. As a teenager, Shannon learned what a doula was while reading about natural birth and immediately knew this was her calling. She has been supporting families through this incredible rite of passage since April 2009 and has attended over 230 births. 

Shannon wholeheartedly believes that birth can be an empowering and positive experience, regardless of outcome. By nature, birth is a unique and deeply personal experience and each mom-to-be has her own set of hopes and expectations. Shannon offers non-judgmental care and mentoring in preparation for this journey, so couples greet labor with knowledge, connection, confidence, and trust.

She also offers placenta encapsulation services and teaches Birthing From Within Childbirth Preparation classes in San Francisco. 

While not doing birthy stuff, Shannon enjoys dancing, cooking, rock climbing, crafting and being in nature. 

Shannon Padlog, CD(DONA)